Put simply: we do more technical installations than your average electrical contractor, including:

  • Large scale industrial installations
  • Explosion proof installations
  • High voltage applications
  • Substations
  • Automation
  • Communication / data
  • Utility services

In addition to that, we offer a full range of traditional industrial electrical services including:

  • Industrial lighting
  • Power distribution
  • Motor control
  • Fire alarm / life safety systems
  • Conduit installations (PVC, EMT, and Rigid)

Rigid Conduit Installation

We are one of the few remaining companies that specialize and have expertise in rigid conduit installation. Rigid conduits are useful in situations such as hazardous locations as well as areas exposed to potential mechanical damage. Paint booths and other areas where chemicals are handled are potential explosion risks; rigid conduits reduce the potential of arcing by separating live electrical systems from hazardous environments.

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